Further Erosion Of Rights In Roe House, Maghaberry Jail

A statement from republican prisoners aligned to the Continuity IRA in Maghaberry Prison.  

Once again Republican POWs are enduring further erosion of their privacy. The screws have now adopted a policy of wearing body cameras on the landings.

This contradicts every indication made by the Gaol administration that they want to see a conflict free environment. They say this is to ensure the safety of their staff on the landings. This is of course nonsense as the only ones creating conflict are the governors with their redundant policies. The body cameras are an attempt to intimidate us and to criminalise/normalise our status within the gaol. This will be resisted.

This is the latest in a long saga of the petty “take big and give small” strategy, which the governors have implemented at the behest of MI5 in an attempt to crush our movement. This too will be resisted. We have given plenty of time for the implementation of the 2010 agreement and we are no further forward today, the independent mediators must realise what they are dealing with and act accordingly.

The childish antics of the Gaol administration continue with mail going missing and handicrafts being destroyed. Also as recently as this week they have attempted to censor the SAOIRSE paper by denying us access to it. We had them left in on October 10 and after a series of heated exchanges and complaints we received our papers on October 20. 

We still wish to see a conflict free environment but the Gaol administration must be held to account and their strategy of give and take which is abundantly transparent must be stopped immediately.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

6 comments to ''Further Erosion Of Rights In Roe House, Maghaberry Jail"

  1. I may be being naive, but wouldnt cameras benefit the prisoners as they would then have documentary evidence of the brutality they endure? Its no longer just a prisoners word vs a screws word then?

  2. same thought struck me when I read it

  3. Very good guys. If its such a good idea as you both think let those incarcerated have cameras as well. Opps maybe that wouldn't be working to your agenda.

  4. It would be a great idea Pat if we could win it for the prisoners. It is such a good idea that at every protest I have attended in recent times protestors use their phone cameras to video cops. Seems a good idea to video interviews under police interrogation to stop police violence even when those being questioned are denied access to their own recording equipment. I think we would have had a much safer environment during the blanket protest had the screws been compelled to wear body cameras.

  5. My agenda is whats best for the prisoners.If there is an indicident on a landing, before the scews concoct a cover story, they will have to factor in whether they have been caught on their camera or someone elses doing something to the contrary. If the prisoners write another article detailing why this privacy issue takes precedence over the saftey concerns (because there have been horror stories coming out of Roe House) I can re-evaluate.People can be wrong without having an anti-prisoner agenda.

  6. These bastards now wearing the cameras it is 100% for their own protection. When the footage would show something they didn't want seen it would mysteriously disappear or the cameras would somehow malfunction. Sean Brown springs to mind when the cameras at Toomb didn't work. The thugs still don't want their numbers noted.


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