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Benjamin Netanyahu Threw A Dead Cat On The Table ....

Mick Hall views with disdain the diversionary talks tactics of Israeli Fuhrer, Benjamin Netanyahu. Mick Hall is a Marxist blogger @ Organized Rage.

Benjamin Netanyahu threw a dead cat on the table and the west recoiled with the stench, while the Palestinians continue to suffer occupation.

Benjamin Netanyahu's outrageous and nonsensical claim that in a conversation in 1941 between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler, the Mufti urged Hitler to “burn them” [The Jews] which led to the Nazi's unleashing the Holocaust.

His wretched behavior was pure political theatre, or in Lynton Crosby's words, Netanyahu threw a dead cat on the table. The Australian political strategist who has been described as a "master of the dark political arts" says the purpose of this is to divert your opponents and the media away from spotlighting upon a troublesome issue by placing something on the table which at first glance appears to be of more importance.

Netanyahu is a lot of things, most of them bad, but he is not a complete fool, and he would have been well aware to make such a claim would create a media and political storm. The more so as he made it shortly before he was due to travel to Germany for a State visit, during which he would have talks about the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands with leading politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel and, as a sidebar, with the US secretary of State John Kerry .

One of the main issues the Germans hoped to raise was the pitiful situation of the Palestinian people and the ongoing violence Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank ignites daily. Netanyahu's dead cat tactics almost shut down completely any constructive conversation in Berlin about the occupation, and scuppered much of the media coverage.

At the end of her meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Mrs Merkel said:

Violence in Israel has escalated recently, all sides must help de-escalate the situation. She expressed her deepest sympathy for the victims of terrorist attacks in Israel.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the victims of terrorist attacks in Israel."

And added:

At the same time I would like to make it quite clear that Israel does of course have a duty to protect its own citizens. It is important that security measures are proportionate though.

Germany's Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for moderation on the part of Israelis and Palestinians alike in the Middle East conflict:
We are extremely concerned about the current situation both sides must do everything they can to defuse the situation around the Temple Mount. Israel has every right to protect its people from attacks, but both sides must now avoid any action which would further aggravate tensions.

As if you can equate the violence of the oppressor with that of the oppressed, to do so is an oxymoron absurdity.

As to Benjamin Netanyahu, back in Israel he will have already forgotten about the Hitler crap, and will be working with his Chief of Staff, Los Angeles born Ari Harow, on plans to smash into smithereens the current protests with ever more violent and harsher measures, and continue to reinforce the occupation by building more illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

As he works perhaps he turned to Harow and said "Ari, did you hear that dead cat meow " And both men break into floods of laughter while on the other side of Jerusalem the IDF crack yet another Palestinian youngster's skull.

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

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