Yet again we have another ‘crisis’ within the Stormont administration. The latest crisis being sparked by the killing of Kevin McGuigan, whipped up by the media, and sending Stormont into turmoil. Politicians hungry for political success all try to spin this latest farce in their favour, party politicking and making U turns at every corner.

Is Stormont really in another crisis? Is this false peace that we live in on the brink of disaster and if our politicians don’t find a speedy solution or a quick fix are we going to be plunged in to the darkness of the bad auld days? The answer is no. The reality is that tomorrow is another day and regardless of the outcome things here will remain the same, the only thing that will change will be who will get the most crumbs from the table in this latest round of talks.

Regardless of who comes out on top we are still firmly in the grasp of imperialism, capitalism, Britain and it is ultimately they who will pull the strings and who will dictate.

What the last number of weeks has shown is the lack of tangible power that the constitutional nationalists within Sinn Fein have. Sinn Fein over the last decade have used all their leverage in pursuit of electoral success and constitutional power but they are running out of bargaining chips.

We have seen the constitutionalists fully endorse Britians militia in Ireland, they gave up the Provisional IRAs weapons and they even disbanded that organisation. This has left the ‘Stormont in Crisis’ card as the only one to be played, Sinn Fein is a toothless tiger. The disbandment and surrender of the PIRA has been held up as a bastion of success and victory, the Baby Shinners were celebrating this victory on the anniversary of defeat last month, but in reality it has left communities defenceless and former combatants vulnerable of attack by criminal elements as seen in the case of Jock Davison.

I am not a gambler but if I were I would bet that the Provisional IRA had nothing to do with the McGuigan killing. The reason being that the PIRA does not exist and Sinn Fein would not allow such an organisation to exist as it might jeopardise their ‘peace strategy’. The whole situation has been sensationalised in order to create another manufactured crisis to keep our puppet politicians busy.

Despite having constitutional power the Shinners are weak. This has been demonstrated with their good friends within the PSNI arresting several key Sinn Fein players in the last week including Bobby Storey.

Since the great defeat what has Sinn Fein actually achieved? Have they made any progress in regards to the ongoing occupation or have they put manners in to the PSNI?

Britain continues to do what it wants in its nearest colony, the PSNI continue to serve the interest of their masters and Sinn Fein can do nothing about it. They use peace as a justification but the false peace we live in and Stormont are doomed for failure as long as the occupation continues.

The sectarianism and politicking within Stormont has failed, the people deserve better. What is needed is the building of a genuine peoples movement built upon democracy and transparency, free from foreign influence, capitalists, the states collaborators and militia. The great defenders of peace, I think not!

Capitalism doesn’t work, Sectarianism doesn’t work, Stormont Isn’t Working