Direct Democracy Forum

Direct Democracy Ireland is to host a Direct Democracy Forum next Saturday in Drogheda. 

Direct Democracy Ireland has announced that they are to hold a Direct Democracy Forum this coming Sat 3rd Oct in Millmount Drogheda for collective thinking on Policy and a drive forward for Ireland. 

Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland stated:

It’s a great honour and privilege for Direct Democracy Ireland Louth to be selected as the hosts of this unique event the first of its kind to be held in Louth. We will soon be launching a nation-wide campaign to have the provision of “Direct Democracy” reinstated to our National Constitution for a fairer more equal Ireland. The campaign will involve a series of public meetings and the distribution leaflets door to door. The Forum will cover themes specific to the issue of policy, but the main aim is to reinforce the drive forward in having the provisions of “Direct Democracy” as contained in articles 47 & 48 reinstated to a our National Constitution and we are using as a platform the imminent General Election to do exactly that.

Ronan Mooney chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland Louth added why do we need the provisions of “Direct Democracy” reinstated to our National Constitution:

A common complaint about representative democracy is that it creates a distant class of law-makers who will often collude with vested interests, or become so detached from the lives of the general public, that they will make decisions that the public do not support. By contrast, in a Direct Democracy system, such corruption of decision-making is impossible if every citizen is an equally powerful participant in the process.

Anthony Connor went on to say:

“We are seeing our Communities neglected and under attack from our say one thing do another representatives, by means of cruel austerity measures, unjust water charges, unjust Property taxes, cuts to services, cuts to welfare payments. Fine Gael and The Labour Party under the watchful eye of Minister Ged Nash and Fergus O’Dowd have targeted careers, the unemployed, the young, the elderly and lone parents to name but a few.

Louth in particular has had a sufficient amount of disappointment. We have seen job losses in huge numbers and little or no creation of gainful employment or investment from this government. Recent job losses and redundancy announcements in Louth and the wider area have all had a crippling effect on families, businesses and communities. There haven’t been any announcements of any importance expressed by the IDA in recent times to bring investment into Louth.

The Policy Forum is in the Martello Room, Millmount, Drogheda this coming Sat 3rd Oct from 10.30am-17.00pm.

To be included contact: 

Anthony Connor 0892480678

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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