A Secret Meeting Issued Licence To Kill

Daniel Bradley has written to the Irish Justice Minister. Daniel Bradley's brother, IRA Volunteer Seamus Bradley, was shot dead by British troops during Operation Motorman.

FAO The Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald,

The British government held a secret meeting on the 10th July 1972 concerning Operation Carcan, renamed Operation Motorman, where 20,000 soldiers and heavy artillery entered northern nationalist areas. Minutes of that meeting ref. "j" - the British government promised immunity to all soldiers for all their actions 

A. This would go against EU regulations of war, as every soldier under the EU hold a yellow card and they must carry out the instructions of that yellow card due to any war or conflict.

On the 31st July 1972, early hours of the morning, a British soldier fired two shots to bring down an unarmed man, Vol. Seamus Bradley, who drew attention to himself so that no harm would come to other volunteers and civilians.

As a witness I saw Vol. Seamus Bradley fall after two soldiers emerged from two army tanks. Both soldiers had telescopes. Vol. Seamus Bradley after being shot the second time fell to the ground. I then witnessed the two Saracens drive down to where Vol. Seamus Bradley lay after being shot. I also witnessed the screams of an injured man being man handled into a Saracen. There to be took away and not to seen again, until he was brought back home in a coffin.

Soldier A and B made statements that Vol. Seamus had been shot up a tree. I can confirm that he was not. 

Both soldiers A and B claim in their statement that they retrieved the body of Vol. Seamus Bradley an hour and a half afterwards. I can confirm that this too is a lie as I witnessed him being put in a saracen within five minutes of him being shot.

Police reports say that there was only a small of blood where Vol. Seamus Bradley fell. This would confirm my story as there would have been much more blood if he had laid where he fell as they say for an hour and a half.

Photographs from the police and the autopsy confirm that there was severe bruising all over his body. On the 16th July 1973, the state barrister produced two B/W photographs of Vol. Seamus Bradley and shouted at the father of the victim that he had not been tortured and was not marked.

The judge at that time declared an open verdict. After struggling for 43 years I managed to retrieve coloured pictures that had been taken in the morgue on the morning of 31st July which prove beyond doubt that Vol. Seamus Bradley had been tortured. This new evidence can now be produced along with evidence from a police report that Vol. Seamus Bradley had no weapon in his hands. Also evidence that if Vol. Seamus Bradley had received medical aid he would not have died.

Due to that fact I now claim that the British government in that secret meeting on the 10th July must take full responsibility for the death of Vol. Seamus Bradley and the breaking of the EU rules and therefore I now call upon the Irish government Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, to call for an investigation on the new evidence that has been produced and to be passed on to EU. This case is on the British War files, so therefore it is a war crime by the British government who undermined the EU by holding a secret meeting on the 10th July which can be proven: by giving the British soldier the right to shoot and kill and there would be no prosecutions.

This statement can be proved beyond doubt, so therefore I await your reply.
Daniel Bradley
Innocence Truth and Justice
  • I witnessed my brother’s death at the age of 16. After being shot he was taken away. The photographs are the evidence of him being tortured. Plus the doctors statement and police statement can confirm every word of my statement to the police.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

1 comment to ''A Secret Meeting Issued Licence To Kill"

  1. If the Brit govt were really serious about eliminating Brit terrorists involved in the mid east then why is Tony B.Liar still alive?. fucking another example of the hypocrisy of the Brits.


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