When Political Policing Turns A Police Force Into A Police Farce

Marty Flynn looks at the farce called policing in the North. Marty Flynn is a regular commenter on TPQ.

We witnessed again this year the PSNI/ RUC stand idly by while loyalist thugs with the aid of a cherry picker hoisted a multitude style of "flegs" on lamposts in  outh Belfast and beyond. Some were of illegal organisations. 
The PSNI/RUC said after last year’s flagrant breach of the law that they would deal with this as a sectarian hate crime if it reoccurred in 2015. It did and guess what the police did? Nil, Nothing, Zilch. They even negotiated with the thugs who carried out this sectarian crime.

The farce at Twatdell is costing more than a vast number of serious operations that the wasters up in Stormont say we can't afford. The UDA shoots the fuck out of a young girl in East Belfast and indeed have murdered a number of people in the last few years alongside other incidents of thuggery and sectarianism surrounding the bonfire season. No one has been charged for any serious offence.

The PIRA who haven’t gone away ye know have murdered at least four people since(insert smirk) they disbanded. No one has ever been convicted.

Those described as "disso" cant even go for a walk with the full force of the law falling on them - arrested and charged for the most ridiculous of things, i.e. interfering with a lampost, quoting a dead republican in a grave yard. Big Bob Doh Brains can rant about the ‘RA still being her and, hey, he shares a stage with the chief cuntstable George Hamilton.

We need the jackboot or Doc Martin belonging to the paramilitaries off our backs. We need it now.

The PSNI/RUC are not fit for purpose. What we need is an international intervention to bring this farce to a close. It won't happen, alas, so we are left with what can be described as  Norn Iorns version of the keystone cops but not as funny ...

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

1 comment to ''When Political Policing Turns A Police Force Into A Police Farce"

  1. Good man Marty, good piece. Hope Lovely Leitrim treated ye's well over the summer. Tir Eoghain and Mickey going for four-in-a-row over Kerry in Croker on Sunday, I'm sure you'll be watching as always


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