Mallory’s Concerto Rant No.1 – (In D Minor)

Sean Mallory vents his distaste for the Orange Order. Sean Mallory hails from County Tyrone. 

“That’s where we chased the bastards up there.”

An Orangeman’s description to me a few years ago while he was sitting in the back seat of my car on our journey to Westport and in reference to events surrounding William’s actions and momentous triumph at the Boyne several hundred years ago. ... Bastards then, and no doubt judging by the effigies, religious icons and flags burned on top of the 11th night bonfires, even bigger bastards now.

The opening of the two museums to Orangism – an ideology vested in family virtues, Schomberg House and Loughgall, both mainly paid for with European funding through the REACH Project (Reaching out through Education and Cultural Heritage) is funded by the EU’s PEACE III Programme (£3.6m), which is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (translated - a term that should be loosely employed when referring to these Arkrights -  the sectarian, racist, Orange supporting ‘Gibberish Society’ –  aka Ulster Scots – to   ‘Tha By-Ordnar CE Dargs Convenerie’ – yes, mmm, quite ... sounds made up!) and was eagerly announced by all shades of the media as a necessary development in order to further mutual understanding. 

To be more precise, ‘mutual understanding’ should have been replaced with ‘the reasons to hate a particular group of people and an explanation of why we burn everything associated with your culture, so as you can fully respect ours!’ As then it would have been more along the lines of the mainstream Unionist siege mentality rather than attempting to portray it as an innocent old ladies cake baking society and a fun day out for the family. 

Nonetheless, invites were sent out to the much hated Taigs or Katolics as that is part of the Terms and Conditions of receiving funding from Reach – to reach out, and so the Order being forced in to issuing such invites, invited all Taigs or Katolics to come and view the history of Orange bigotry towards .... mmmmm ....Taigs or Katolics. 

Much to their dismay and in the vain hope that no Taig or Katolic in their right mind would answer the call, two Taigs or Katolics did and this point also seemed lost on the two visitors whose visits prominently featured in the media.  A calling that would not be out of place in similarity if made by the KKK calling for Black Americans to come and visit their museum so as they can understand why they hate them! And two Black Americans turning up!!!!!!

Dutifully answered by their loyal lapdog, former Irish president Mary McAleese and unlike her Orange brethren who will not cross the doorstep of a Katolic church, she was the first Taig or Katolic who crossed the Schomberg House door step and cooed and awed at the wonderfully educational display of bigotry and who finished of her visit with a recommendation that all Taigs or Katolics, should come and visit the museum, to get a proper understanding of just how bigotry operates ... the mechanisms of such can be quite fascinating. 

So fascinating in fact, that Mary’s visit of encouragement was later returned in kind by the illegal Twaddle Orange bigots' violent demands to parade past Mary’s old neighbours, those Fenian bastards from Ardoyne, i.e., the Taigs or Katolics initially invited by the brethren as part of their ‘cultural reaching out’ – final funding must have been secured by then, so that they can remind them that it was they who drove the ‘bastards’ up the hill .... Reciprocation of cultural respect! Orange Fest better coined as Orange Pest.

Another to eagerly take up the invite was none other than that world renowned BBC GAA pundit and Ghaeilgoeir, Jarleth Burns, principle of a South Armagh High School in Bessbrook, St Pauls, was also quite keen to point out that this Island, Ireland I think he was referencing, needs to make room for both Orange and Green and through places like Schomberg House, Taigs or Katolics will learn to come to understand the rich culture that is Orangism and to pay it the proper cultural respect that it truly deserves.

Respect - I’m sure the Hamill family would surely reciprocate and encourage if they took up the invite and after their delight at visiting Schomberg House, now fully understand why the supporters of Orangism in Portadown danced on Roberts head until his life was expunged. 

Following Armagh’s trouncing and exit from the Ulster Championship (9 county Ulster which strangely enough is also the same 9 counties referenced by the Gibberish Society although to be fair to their bigotry, 3 of those counties tend to remain secret) after its second bite at the cherry in the championship competition, Jarleth can always take heart, in that it now frees him up to swap his Orange jersey to an Orange Sash and more time to march with his new found ‘a chairde’ as pointed out by a pundit on leaving the Athletic grounds.

Never one to meander far from the bigot line, that stalwart of Orangism and stout advocate of the Gibberish Society - Nelson McCausland - while on summer recess from having ‘Petitions of concern’ issued for his alleged fraudulent and sectarian behaviour whilst holding ministerial office at Stormont, was able to tear himself away from his holiday to not only denounce the show of para-militarism at the funeral of Peggy O’Hara but also to chastise the PSNI for not doing their community duty and arresting all the filth involved. 

That other brother in Orangism, Gregory Campbell, also expressed his disgust at James McClean for not paying proper respect to the English national anthem or is it the ‘norn iron’ national anthem? Who knows? It would seem fraud extends further afield from Stormont, at a football match while both, Campbell and McCausland, at the same time failing to denounce in the same tone and expression those who showed little mutual respect and understanding by burning effigies of Nationalists, Katolic icons, and the Irish National flag- which happens to be a real country! – on the 11th night .... mmmmm .... actually that was their brethren in the Orange Order who cheered as the fires were lit and who equally showed their disgust at such displays of bigotry by only drinking 6 cans of lager instead of the usual 24 pack!

Across the water Michael D Higgins in reciprocation to Prince Charles and his Irish State visit, sojourned to Britain although not to the same public scrutiny or in fact media hype – you could almost say he wasn’t missed back home. And like Charles and his visit to his Great Uncle’s memorial in Ireland, on finding no centre of remembrance to the murder of the Ballymurphy 11, Bloody Sunday, Loughinisland or Grey Steel, Higgins had to make do with a visit to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace Centre in Warrington where he set about loosely linking the PIRA’s campaign to extreme radicalism and similarly indicating ‘mutual understanding’ as the way forward in the war against such radicalism.

To re-inforce his sentiments, Jeremy Corbyn, the current favourite to succeed Miliband as leader of the British Labour Party, sister party to the Irish Nationalist SDLP according to Margaret Ritchie, was having tea and scones on the greens outside Westminster with the man who most likely ordered the Warrington attack and thus signalling, just how far Sinn Fein have travelled.  Soon, Margaret will have a little brother, albeit in arms!

Whilst all this political malfeasance was going on, Karl Frampton, wearing green and white to ingratiate himself to the Irish American diaspora and to almost hide his Britishness and the Unionist concept of Northern-Irishness (never fully grasped what that actually is), although still retaining the emblem of this ‘wee country of ours’ on his shorts – lest we forget his roots – won his first defensive fight in the States against a Mexican who so awe-struck by the fact that he knocked him down twice in the first round and thereafter and much to Karl’s relief lost all of his ability to box and continued on to lose the fight on the fact that he punched the wrong ‘bag’ too many times. 

But Karl can take comfort in the news that throughout the fight, the patrons of the Felon’s Club in Belfast all cheered him on and roared their support of delight on him being announced as the unanimous winner....while Pearce and Ceannt and a few other radicals looked down from the club walls.

As for the ‘prod’ in the back seat, later in Westport, he stood for the Irish National Anthem in the night club at the end of the night which I’m sure he failed to mention back in the OO Lodge he belongs too – the simple pleasures in life are the sweetest!

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''Mallory’s Concerto Rant No.1 – (In D Minor)"

  1. If you hated him that much how come he was in the back and not the boot? LOL

  2. From Sean Mallory

    I didn't and don't hate him. His language was best kept to his Lodge meetings. He calmed down after a day and realised he was now in the minority......give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves.

    Besides, it was a very small car and the bastard wouldn't fit!


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