Kincora Boys Home scandal: Royalty, Spies ...

Mick Hall looks at the festering sore of Kincora. Mick Hall is a Marxist blogger @ Organized Rage.

Kincora Boys Home scandal: Royalty, Spies, MPs, Lords, exposed as members of Westminister VIP Paedophile ring.
The names of some of those who were members of the Westminster VIP Paedophile ring have long been known, but the mainstream media has been reluctant to actually publish names. This week the respected investigative news site Exaro News has done what the MSM refused to do and named leading establishment figures who were members of or part of the cover up of this wretched Paedophile ring. Which among others abused boys from the Kincora Boys Home in Ireland and trafficked them to England and other parts of Europe to be buggered and brutalised in places like the Dolphin Square apartments and the notorious brothel at the Elm Guest House in west London.

Richard Kerr a former resident of the Kincora Boys Home, although inmate would be more appropriate, has finally named and shamed some of those from the Paedophile ring who abused him.

According to Richard they were:
Lord Mountbatten, the English Queen's cousin, a former chief of Staff of the British military and a close friend of her husband and son. 
Maurice Oldfield, former head of Mi6 who in 1979 was sent by Thatcher to coordinate security and intelligence in the north of Ireland. 
Anthony Blunt, another relation of the Queen, if on the wrong side of the blanket, worked for Mi6 but was exposed as a KGB agent in the early 1960s, however he became a protected species until Thatcher blurted his name out in Parliament, possible out of frustration over the security services failure to protect her close friend Airey Neave who was assassinated by the INLA. 
Peter Hayman deputy director of Mi6 and later senior British diplomat.
Nicholas Fairbairn, the flamboyant Tory MP and solicitor general of Scotland in Thatcher's first government. 
Knox Cunningham a Tory and Ulster unionist MP
Cyril Smith a liberal MP.
Leon Brittan MP, senior cabinet minister in Thatcher's administrations.

It's true all of these men are now dead, the living are yet to be named, but it's perfectly understandable why Kerr and over victims of these dastardly crimes were fearful of naming names. These men were extremely influential, holding powerful positions within the sharp edge of the British state. Between them they had influence in parliament, the security services, the military, police, diplomatic corp and the royal household. When they said jump the system replied how high.

This Genie is well and truly out of the bottle and it will be difficult for today's ruling class to stuff it back in but try they will. What is so contemptible about this paedophile ring is they preyed on some of the most vulnerable and powerless people in the land, the residents of childrens homes, and in their wake left many broken lives.

Richard Kerr has showed enormous courage in speaking out, in all probability his example will pave the way for other victims to do the same. This is a massive scandal, youngsters who were in the care of the state were abused by people who should have been protecting them at a national level. Not only that, at the highest levels this sorry excuse for a democracy has spend the last three decades protecting these despicable beings instead of locking them up and throwing away the key. And in many quarters it continues to protect them.

As to the Royal family, they must have had an inkling Mountbatten was a Paedophile. Even former sailors who served with him during WW2 have said it was common knowledge in the Royal Navy he liked young boys.

I find it incredulous the British people allow themselves to be governed in the way we do, an unelected law making parliamentary chamber, the unelected head of State taken in perpetuity from a single disfunctional family, senior civil servants, judges and military, newspaper editors and TV and radio executives all coming from a tiny minority of the population.

Is it any wonder such a cover up was possible?

When the British public finally find out the sheer scale of the VIP paedophile ring and it's cover up, we will find out it was only possible because of the United Kingdoms mockney, Ruritanian, class prejudiced, so called democracy.

In the meantime here is a recent 60 Minutes documentary shown on Australian TV.


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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

3 comments to ''Kincora Boys Home scandal: Royalty, Spies ..."

  1. Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten aka "Uncle Dickie" now Dick for whatever reason is short for Richard. Yet the name Richard doesn't appear anywhere is Mountbatten's first names...... story goes he liked young boys and he gave Charles one for Ulster, just in and around the time Charlie's old man stopped running heroin in the Med sea and the only people then (probably today) who run the heroin in the Med are the Sicilians....

    Most if not all the names named on Exaro have been around for yrs. Cliff "Kitty" Richards and Elm guest house

    And the place where the Lord whoever was stupid enough to get caught snorting a line of Peruvian Flake in a rolled up fiver from some hookers body took place in Dolphin Square

  2. Footage published by The Sun on Sunday shows the 69-year-old naked alongside two women in his flat in Dolphin Square, Pimlico, central London. At one point, he snorts a white powder alleged to be cocaine from sex worker’s breast.

    The authors of 'War of the Windsors', state that Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname "Dickie" ...and for good reason. Philip's uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class indian peasant boys.

    Another book, the Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse.

  3. Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing child sex abuse

    And the question has to be asked, how can they go home at night and look at their own kids, grandkids in the eye knowing "they" are covering up child abuse...

    Child Abuse Inquiry Cannot Find Dickens' Dossier 'Naming Paedophile MPs'

    Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)

    What is it Mick is people are afraid to talk about child abuse incase they get a knock at the door by men in dark suits and sun glasses.

    British Royal Family complicit in UK child abuse cover-ups. Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret

    Will the truth about Kincora be told....Short answer is no.


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