Solidarity With Syriza And Greek People

Mick Hall, writing prior to the Greek referendum, called for solidarity with the austerity battered people of the country. Mick Hall is a Marxist blogger @ Organized Rage.
  • Solidarity With Syriza And Greek People: Behind the face of EU solidarity there is nothing more than bullying, arm twisting and blackmail.

All credit to the Syriza negotiators for standing up to the enormous pressures from the EU. Throughout these negotiations they have stood up to Capitals creatures, trying to reach an agreement which benifited both sides. Now the talks have finally broken down it's clear, and for all the world to see, the blame lays not with Syriza and the Greek people but with the EU, IMF, and ECB.

History is repeating itself. When George Papandreou's PASOK government decided to hold a referendum in 2011 over the country's debt, the EU bullied and conspired against it in much the same way as they are doing with Syriza now. But unlike Papandreou who called the referendum off, the Syriza government have not folded.

As a statement from the CPI said today:

Behind the face of a Europe of “solidarity” there is nothing more than bullying, arm twisting and blackmail. The much vaunted sharing of values is nothing more than a cloak to disguise the power of the European and U.S. monopolies. It is their global interest that lies at the very heart of the European Union.

Denouncing of the Greek government’s decision to hold a popular referendum by the European Union official spokespersons is further testimony as to how shallow the commitment of the ruling classes is to democracy. It is and always has been one of do as we say and do as you are told.

Those who still harbour illusions as to the real nature of the European Union and that somehow it can be transformed from within need to rethink this unrealistic position.

Once again workers of Europe need to stand in solidarity with the Greek workers in opposition to the European Union and what it is attempting to impose upon working people.

There is no doubt there will be cacophony of threats and expressions of dire consequences to be heard from all the pro EU parties and press both here, in Ireland and across the EU.

But they cannot hide the reality that the aim of the European Union is to solve the crisis at the expense of the working class.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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