Tackling Those Who Would Uphold The Vestige Of Empire In Enniskillen

Statement from Sean MacDiarmada Society Fermanagh on Sinn Fein's regret at the closure of Enniskillen Courthouse.

Enniskillen Courthouse

Republicans in Fermanagh are no doubt bewildered by recent reports of Sinn Fein MLA Sean Lynch’s distress and upset at the possible closure of Enniskillen courthouse. As an ex-POW this is especially disappointing, even if to be expected from the Quislings and carpetbaggers in New Sinn Fein. You’d have thought one less of these foreign institutions would be considered a good thing but in reality it shows the extent to which Sean and his ilk have moved away from politics and positions once espoused.

Irish republicans have a long and proud history of opposing British rule in our country, particularly their courts and prisons where those who opposed that same British rule inevitably ended up – if they weren’t murdered by state forces. British courthouses across the North, like Enniskillen’s, hold no good memories for Irish republicans, no fair trials or justice seen in them, only long sentences and hard time.

Today in 2015 republicans who oppose British rule still face internment and secret evidence in Diplock courts, with the concept of truth and justice as alien to the British justice system now as ever. Sean Lynch, a former member of the District Policing Partnership and current member of Stormont’s justice committee, sits in silence while republican prisoners in Maghaberry are strip-searched, violated and abused daily, in effect endorsing the crimes of the same British justice system that held him under lock and key himself in times not long past. The poacher turned gamekeeper is an apt description and in truth the entire affair amounts to a sad indictment on a once proud republican.

This man and his party have long lost all claim to the proud legacy of Irish republicanism. A party who dine and toast the commander-in-chief of the British Army, the Queen of England, resemble nothing of the great leaders of 1916 and dishonour them by their actions.

Sean Lynch, to his eternal shame, illustrates perfectly the result and outworking of Britain’s counterinsurgency strategy, a strategy of jailing, remoulding and re-shaping weak individuals, who in turn end up enforcing the same political and military occupation they once opposed. His remarks on the closure of Enniskillen courthouse are but one more example, in a long litany of examples, of the pathetic road he has trodden and the position he now finds himself in – upholding every vestige of British rule in Ireland you could possibly imagine.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

13 comments to ''Tackling Those Who Would Uphold The Vestige Of Empire In Enniskillen"

  1. The RAs must continue building for a militant revolution to negate the British, Loyalist, Provisional Sinn Fein conspiracy to rule through terror in Ireland.

    Ronnie Austin

  2. O those so very dreary steeples . .

  3. There has to be some British courts if legal sovereignty is held by the British. Why not this one?

    Where else are criminals; the drug dealers, the rapists, the murderers, the robbers and thieves etc. going to be tried but in a British court?

    Other recent posts on the Quill have shown that Republicans don't have the skills, resources, knowledge or forensic ability to investigate crime.

    In the North only the British have these resources. They are not to be trusted as has been seen with recent handling of things like Kincora but they have the ability to investigate crime. And enough exposure to demand compliance with criminal justice. Enough exposure that at least we know when we're short changed.

    If they bastardise the legal system at least we know that. If Republican justice isn't seen to be done never mind actually being just and fair many victims will fall through the net.

    Republicans may be trusted but they don't have the ability to investigate or punish crime. Look at the recent sexual offender cases. Pre-Good Friday Republicans had a better chance than today's and sometimes you can't legislate against poor skills, nepotism or favouritism.

    There will always be British courts in the North as long as there is British sovereignty. I fear you are putting the cart before the horse.

  4. Simon,

    people under any government even one deemed an occupier have rights. And amongst those is a right to be protected by police even in situations where the police is not supported. How this right could be upheld without courts I do not know. The question the author of this piece needs to consider is whether the north is better with or without a court service, even a British one. The answer would seem pretty obvious.

  5. John Connolly, in his last statement before the British executed him after the 1916 Rising, said, "...the British Government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and can never have any right in Ireland...."

    Brits Out! British courts out! 5,000 British soldiers out! Get out, and stay out!

    Ronnie Austin

  6. What do you do in the meantime Ronnie? If someone raped someone you love or beat them half to death where would you go then?

  7. Ronnie

    would that John Connolly be in any way related to James Connolly who signed the proclamation in 1916?

  8. Simon, the British are imperialists, and have imposed their brutality in Ireland for several centuries. They have forced themselves into the court system, etc., etc. They should be defeated and sent back to England. The Irish people can manage their own courts.

    Ronnie Autin

  9. Defeat looks unlikely. Many might want to see an end to partition but what do you do in the meantime?

  10. In the meantime, the Republican Armies continue to resist British hegemony in the 6 Counties.

    Ronnie Austin

  11. Ronnie, what do you do about justice in the meantime? What do you do if a loved one is raped, beaten or murdered? Republicans don't have the skills, training or forensic ability to deal with crime.

  12. Simon, your libelous remarks toward the intelligence of Republicans makes me regurgitate. I'm through talking to you.

    Ronnie Austin


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