Like a Stopped Clock Bobby is Right Twice a Day

Nuala Perry with a letter to the Andersonstown News. The author is a former republican prisoner, a campaigner for prisoners rights and is currently a member of the Anne Devlin Society.

You really have to wonder what the real victims of coercive legislation in our unreformed little State, thought of the interview by Bobby Storey in the Andersonstown News on December 9th?

In his account Mr Storey claims that his recent arrest was the result of a politically motivated pattern which is being orchestrated by enemies of Sinn Fein, to both demonise the party and thwart its growth.

During his interview, Mr Storey also credits the use of double standards by the British, as a major factor in forestalling Sinn Fein’s quest for accountable policing.

During his couple of hours of interrogation, Bobby Storey states, that it was the Boston College tapes that formed the basis of his interview, and that they were so contrived and fanciful, that he imagined himself running the gamut, ‘from fantasy to farce.’

Mr Storey is perfectly right to believe that his arrest should not have taken place. Realistically and factually, though, that is one of two things, he appears to have gotten right throughout the entirety of his interview.

Fantasy and farce are at work in the North of Ireland alright. However, the context where they thrive and exist differs greatly from the one alluded to by Bobby.

Fantasy and farce are the dictates that have underpinned our model of ‘peace and reconciliation’ from day one and quite sadly for the rest of us, we have all been forced to run the quite insulting gamut of revisionism and subterfuge.

Bobby Storey knows only too well, the extent of coercive legislation in this state, and he would be acutely aware of why it has been allowed to flourish.

Like so many other pieces of dodgy practice here, this type of legislation only appears to be problematic and ‘coercive’ when it returns to plague those who were quite happy to clasp the gloved hand of its inventors.

There wasn’t too much talk of ‘coercive practice’ when people were (and are) being locked up for years on dubious, contrived and make believe evidence, produced in the farcical settings of questionable closed sessions.

Not too many hastily put together pieces of scaffolding  for those languishing in prison for years on the words of the real Walter Mittys and agents of Mi5, whose sinister use Sinn Fein quite recently openly endorsed.
Bobby would also know that the British are not trying to thwart Sinn Fein’s quest for accountable policing. Why would they?  It was never on the cards. The devolved Ministry of policing and justice did not include jurisdiction over the real power behind the throne, MI5.

Neither the Ministry nor the Policing Board have the power to scrutinize the PSNI, past, present or future once the dimension of National security is introduced.
Surely, Bobby read the report by the CAJ a few years ago, warning that Mi5 are unaccountable, unreformed and an extremely dangerous parallel force.
Double standards, as Bobby Storey says, do apply here. They apply because Mi5 don’t care about immunity, impunity or disunity, and unlike the political parties they oversee, they will never find themselves in the dock or under investigative scrutiny for the type of blatant misuse and abuse we recently witnessed in relation to the tax payers money.

On Sinn Fein’s watch, it was written into ‘Northern Ireland’ legislation that, you can be in danger for a politically ’coercive thought’, that is a thought which would be presumed to be at odds with the dictate of the ‘Northern Irish’ State. 
And while that piece of ‘coercive legislation’ and others exist, the British will continue to happily say HE-HE to Sinn Fein’s HAW-HAW.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

19 comments to ''Like a Stopped Clock Bobby is Right Twice a Day"

  1. who are these guys that took over the movement - they are anything but republicans - they are a little gang of fakers. the movement was partitioned and ghettoised by a cabal of think tankers, double speakers and marxist bullshitters from belfast. they are part of the shitstem now - well done mi5, i dont think ye were supposed to exist a few years ago and now ye hav an underground base outside belfast that cost as much as a fuc*in space station. so well done you perverts and deviants in mi5. i hope that base gets filled in with good antrim muck some day. a cancer on this island is what that base is - and wait for it - the sleeveens down here want the royals invited to 2016 commemorations as a sign of how mature we are - jesus h christ. i dont know how ye put up with the likes of storey and the rest of the gang up there. they are little bully boys on top of being total liars. i feel sorry for all the grief we used give the stickies back in the day, they werent a patch on this shower.

  2. SF in big trouble down south now. A new party has been formed with no name, no policies or manifesto, no economic plan and it intends to get elected by virtue of peoples desperation for change. Looks like SF are being emulated by a party without a padeo facilitating leader and informer infested leadership with a very seedy and ugly past.

    A kind of clueless but 'clean clueless' alternative, you might say. Just when Gerry bull root thought he had it in the bag!

  3. and thanks f perry. easy for me down here runnin me gob. you are a brave woman taking on this shower of collaborators crooks and cronies.

  4. Nuala,

    at least a stopped clock has an excuse for being right twice a day. His in and out traumatic interrogation (insert laughter) was another political smoke and mirrors stunt with the usual party paranoia.

    Judging by his comments it was more party with the Hee Haw being the only honest noise coming from the party of asses.

  5. Excellent letter Nuala....

    Arrested for a few hours to listen to the tapes, despite the fact he had immunity from prosecution in the case of Jean McConville would, to me, suggest that he was there to identify the voices.

  6. Dixie, Bobby Storey's arrest could have been planned for many reasons. Jean McConville's body was found after being most likely disturbed by the excavation by the Commission. People are not safe from arrest because the body wasn't found directly from the Commission's work. It was found by accident. By a member of the public I believe.

    So too could Storey's arrest be because of a loophole in the granting of immunity. Maybe the police either a)knew about the immunity but thought they found a loophole, b)knew about the immunity but had no loophole and they were fishing for information regardless knowing they couldn't charge him or c)didn't know about the immunity.

    Since Jean McConville's remains weren't officially found through the Commission's work it is possible that any immunity is invalid. Immunity only comes if the remains are found because of information given to the commission. If Bobby has a blanket immunity because of 'go between' status that is unclear and again there may be a caveat.

    If the PSNI did arrest him as a fishing exercise either to find out what he knew or to identify voices that doesn't mean he told them anything. I doubt that it was all stage managed and conspired between both parties that he would be arrested for the purpose of naming those on tape. I am unsure if you are suggesting that. He could do that surreptitiously anyway without the media finding out.

    Other people loyal to Sinn Fein have been arrested over the past few years so maybe it is the PSNI putting manners on them? To keep them in line? If they are so buddy-buddy why do the PSNI annoy them with arrests and prosecutions?

  7. am i right/wrong in thinking they would have known all about the interviewees a long long time ago and remember, these guys taped dying hunger strikers confessions. am i paranoid in thinking they know everything on the tapes a long time ago, and possibly a whole lot more. i think they know way more than they'll ever let on - these guys had the provo leadershiop riddled for DECADES. meanwhile the war and peace process trundles on to the next fiasco.

  8. Simon,
    Who knows why he was arrested. The cops who arrested him probably don't know why he was arrested. They were probably given questions, pre set to ask him.

    What I do know is, he wasn't arrested for the reasons he presented in the Andersosnstown News.

    Think about it. He was given immunity to gather evidence.
    Which means, the 'powers that be' and those who direct them from Palace Barracks knew what he was about.

    He's arrested for whatever reason. However, instead of being upfront and honest about the quandary or enigma he found himself in.
    He turns it on its head, and writes a piece laced with revision and farce.

    He reframes his whole experience around injustice directed at himself and his party by the British and opponents of Sinn Fein.

    He fails to explain why the British would want to thwart his party, other than to say they want to stop or derail their bid for accountable policing.
    Which, realistically he knows isn't going to happen.

    Then he seizes on the notion of demonisation, to the extent, we are now meant to believe, that evidence produced as a result of investigative journalism into fraudulent practice, Royal handshakes and Sinn Fein's endorsement of running and paying informers and agents, is in fact a cunning plan by their opponents to thwart their popularity.

    Storey's gamut of farce and fantasy is definitely not one for the faint hearted, not even those who still delve in and out of the land of make believe.

  9. Grouch

    Like the Liverpool Uni project into dissidents, I would say USA/UK intel wer all over Boston tapes from the they say.

  10. Larry,
    What is there to be all over ?
    Mi5 are, according to their own PR a ubiquitous force, God like nearly, all seeing, all listening all knowing.
    Realistically, in either project what possibly could they not know or be interested in?

  11. Fionnuala

    My feeling is that the way Boston College folded so easily, the likes of the CIA and Mi6 were likely in the loop inside the University itself from the get-go. Nothing to do with the credibility of the researchers, just a healthy mistrust of the 'system'.

    As for what could they not have known...same scenario...Scap/Donaldson/Adams-Liam and Gerry insisting on security and loose talk costs lives and all the time it was they who were stacking the conveyor belt and filling the jails. AND they have been permitted to get clean scot away with it all.

    That research should have been done anywhere but a USA/UK axis of evil-global menace University.

  12. "..........The above assumptions are all false. These are ideas and concepts, which are really only cute theories about Man and life. They are not fundamentally true. They are believed and accepted by certain elitists (and many others). They are often very complex, and seem very "intelligent" (both the concepts and the elitists). That these theories had their source in and continue to be presented by the "best colleges" and universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, etc. simply goes to show 1) how lacking in honesty and intelligence "intelligent" people actually can be, and 2) that the views and beliefs of these major educational institutions have been controlled for at least 100 years by people who find these ideas useful for their own purposes."

    taken from -

  13. Fionnula

    Mi5 are, according to their own PR a ubiquitous force, God like nearly, all seeing, all listening all knowing.

    I don't buy into Mi5's PR.. They only know what you want them to know. Hiding your ID (IP addy etc) is easy..

    The quieter you become the more you are able to hear

  14. Frankie,
    I'm not too sure if I would entirely buy into their PR either.
    However, I think Orwell was on the money in relation to the covert eye.

    The point I was making to Larry, was the fact that I don't think either Liverpool or Boston held any mysteries that would be of interest to Mi5.
    I think the role of Mi5 in the former, was to go along with the charade and to ultimately discredit, destroy.

    Mi5 are about, making sure the dictates and powers of the state as biased and uncivil as they are tick along unchallenged in thought or deed.

    Which means, to think they can only find out what you allow them doesn't quite add up.

    'The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.'
    I would say that sounds very much text book Mi5

  15. The most likely reason Bobby was arrested was the police just going through the motions. The families are supposed to believe it is an active investigation. This is rubbish. No justice, no truth. The same old same old.

  16. What it is Fionnula is the 'catch phrase' of a linux system called 'Kali-linux' (formerly called Backtrack..)

    Most if not all people when they leave their homes make sure their front door is locked etc.. Yet for reasons that I've yet to fathom they leave their routers on (same when they go to bed they leave it plugged in)!!!

    Without getting to 'geeky', to take apart a wpa/2 password is very easy. Taking a wep encryption apart is even easier...
    Most people when they get their routers from Sky, virign, TalkTalk etc simply plug it in and don't change the default password or turn off the WPS protection..

    Default passwords for Virgin...... 8 lowercase letters

    Default passwords for Sky..........8 uppercase letters

    Default passwords for TalkTalk.... 7 uppercase & 1 number..

    (Brute forcing them is easy...)

    Leaving the WPS on is a big no-no... once anyone has the 8 digit pin n°, even if you change your password, it can be unmasked within seconds...Even the WPS if turned off can be brute forced to reset it to factory default...

    When I get time I'll explain in detail how vunerable wifi is and how is it is to 'crack'<--not hack. Hacking is a different discipline.

  17. Frankie,
    Thanks for that. Very informative.

    According to Paisley Junior, they pinned down the evasive Tony Blair, for the 'on the runs' Inquiry.
    How much more can we take ?

  18. Fionnuala if you want to have some fun online etc... Download vmware player (personally I've the workstation<--- does basically the same), then download kali either the 32 or 64 bit version depending on your lappy/PC.. (chances are you are 64 bit).. Then go to argos and buy something like this...........

    To install Kali on to vmware player/workstation follow ths video here.....

    Once you have done that... let me know (then you are good to go)


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