Championing the Criminal Tag

Guest writer Thomas Dixie Elliot with a piece on how Sinn Fein has come to embrace the criminalisation mindset of Margaret Thatcher.

"Staff and volunteers have been busy in the 3 months proceeding, assisting republican ex-prisoners and their families to overcome the ongoing barriers to their full participation in society." - Meabh Mackel Project Coordinator, Tar Abhaile. ( a Shinner thingy)

When I read the above, in a leaflet by that SF group; which was stuck in my letter box, my first thoughts were, had they left out the word 'Republican' this could have been written by a group dealing with ex-cons who by the very nature of their criminal acts had placed themselves outside of society and needed to be, upon release, reintegrated back into that society.

This type of subtle wordage wouldn't have looked out of place in Thatcher's criminalisation policy.
That it was allowed to go out unquestioned by former comrades within that group - who at one time fought the criminalising of Republicanism on The Blanket Protest - shows that while the H-Blocks failed to; in the words of Bobby Sands, "depoliticise us, churn us out as systemised, institutionalised, decent law-abiding robots..." the SF leadership have done so with those who remained loyal to them.

We see every day how a certain mentality has been planted in the minds of men and women, who would have at one time smashed heads if anyone had dared claim that not only they but their families, by their past actions, had placed themselves outside of society.

By continuing to follow with words a man who claimed that all killings were murder, they are not attempting to just criminalize those they'd term as 'dissidents' they are nailing the criminal tag back onto their own backs as well.

And all for what - a job the British can stop funding anytime they so please?


  1. SF get away with it because they haven't been made to pay a price for what they have done. As long as Adams and Marty Mi6 continue to appear untouchable people will have no need to consider an alternative or face the truth.

    They continue to get away with directing 'murder' (their words) and working for the Brits every day in life. Until society is shocked out of the trance of the 'piss-process' it will remain so I think.

  2. we were not criminals and we are not criminals. fcuk what "the leadership" says.

    "the leadership" has some querries to answer.

    up the rebels.

  3. Following on from excellent Dixie's article I had a wee think about Shinners in community jobs etc
    This list is just off the top of my head and this is just Derry based $hinners there may be more!

    And lets not forget their new umbrella group

    MLA Maeve Mc Laughlin $F Formerly of Glen Development initiative

    Cllr Elisha Mc Laughlin $F Galliagh Community Development Group / off the Streets Initiative
    Cllr Kevin Campbell $F Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership / Triax
    Former Cllr Peter Anderson $F Dove House
    Cllr Lynn Fleming $F -Top of the Hill 2000 -Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership Board
    Cllr Mickey Cooper Gasyard Trust and Free Derry Tours , Triax
    Cllr Gerry Mc Laughlin $F Hillcrest House
    Charles Lamberton Chairperson Triax NR Board Senior $F member
    Sean Mc Monegale Triax NR Board Senior $F member
    Tony Doherty Triax NR Board Senior $F member
    Colm Barton Triax NR Board Senior $F member
    CllrTony Hassan $F Greater Shantallow Area Partnership
    $F Cllr Paul Fleming Rural Area Partnership in Derry (RAPID)
    Cathal Mc McCauley Chairperson Outer North NR Board Senior $F Member and SCRA
    Cathal Crumley Outer North NR Board, Outer West Cultural Forum Senior $F Member
    Damian McElroy Chairperson Waterside NR Board Senior $F member
    Noel McCartney – Senior $inn Fein member CRJ
    Maeve Mackle – $inn Fein -Tar Abhaile, Her brother & mother work in An Culturlann
    Tony Miller – $inn Fein – Tar Abhaile
    Martin Connolly- Drugs Worker
    Cathy Nelis Cunamh (wife of Declan Kearney $F, Daughter of Mary Nelis former $F MLA)

  4. And even wee Jimbo Allister was wise to this.

  5. Gerard:

    That same leadership is no longer "Republican" , it doesn't matter what they say at commemorations, They have been taught by MI5/6 how to lie with a straight face. They work for the British, Get Paid By the British, It may take another 300 years for another Rebellion because there are more agents than genuine volunteers.
    That's a sad fact of life in this day and age.
    Everything has to be re-organised.
    For that leadership to state that IRA/PIRA/INLA volunteers committed Murder is a disgrace.

    All ex POW's and Volunteers should get together and demand an explanation from Adams, Asking, "What right have you to call us murderers" , if it wasn't for the volunteers, that leadership would not be were it is, although, the leadership lied to the volunteers to get into British Politics, knowing a united Ireland was not on the cards.
    Dixies piece says it all.

  6. Itsjustmacker,

    you and I both know ex volunteers who would march down the Falls Road tomorrow loudly proclaiming 'we are criminals and murderers' if told to by the leadership.

  7. Gerard,

    check your e mail and get back to me

  8. Snowtorch when you add to your list the cronies from Belfast and beyond one can see that for a few families the struggle has become a very very nice little earner for them and the mercenaries in their employment, the common thread running through all of this is money,and when the money runs out which it surely will so to will the "support" those carpetbagger rely so heavily upon,its not a case of if but when a cara and the sooner the better imo.

  9. Anthony:

    They would bounce down the Falls on there heads if told to do soby that so called leadership.

    It's so sickening to see so many brainwashed.

  10. snowtorch:

    Thanks for that link.

    £41 to £44 grand a year for community workers? wtf, I wonder how much of that has to be paid into SF central Fund , just like the Building Firms set up to exploit nationalists by pay below the average wage. It's so sickening, if Allister gets his way, there will be a massive enquiry into all of these SF scams.
    It wont last for ever, Money will soon dry up, as will funding.

  11. Snowtorch-

    ( wife of Declan Kearney,$F,Daughter of Mary Nelis former $F MLA )-

    And-is it now a crime in your eyes to be a Wife or Daughter-is that the way that you look at your own family members-