Towards A ‘Real Republic’?

Writing on the evening of the Sinn Fein special ard fheis Sean Bresnahan reflects on comments about a united Ireland made by Pearse Doherty.

‘We will deliver unity and a real republic in our time.’ So said Pearse Doherty of Sinn Féin, speaking earlier today at the party’s Special Ard Fhéis in Dublin. But is it the Republic that Sinn Féin are heading for? Talk of ‘continued devolution to Belfast’ into a supposed United Ireland, to include a forward role for the British state as a guarantor of unionism’s ‘Britishness’, makes it difficult to accept this at face value.

The strength of revisionist forces in Ireland and their impact on the party’s direction are not to be taken lightly. Nor can they be accounted for by choice, if welcome, words selected for the occasion of a party sit-in to rouse the faithful. Actions speak louder than words and that is what will count at the finish.

We will see where the United Ireland agenda heads and likely in the not-so-distant future, given the changes ongoing around us. Will it be to the Republic? I’m far from convinced at this point but if it is so — and if this is to where Sinn Féin as a party are really intent toward — then it will be interesting to see if they stay the course during the major ideological battle now speeding down the tracks.

Sean Bresnahan blogs at An Claidheamh Soluis

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''Towards A ‘Real Republic’?"

  1. Sean,

    whereas I wouldn't preclude the possibility of a restored devolved assembly in Stormont evolving eventually within the context of a federal Ireland, nothing like the Republic as proclaimed is on the cards, not for another hundred years at least.

    And even then in the event of that solution coming about, its likely that Sinn Féin will be constrained as secondary participants in such arrangements. Rather than them having the role of lead negotiators I am of the opinion that an alternative nationalist alliance, that either dominates Sinn Féin or even excludes them altogether, will be necessary to allow a two state federal solution to emerge.

    Alas as A.M. has on occasion proffered ... no one who fought and bore arm in pursuit of the 'Republic' will ever see it's achievement.

  2. did doherty say anything about the one million migrants coming here (at least) in next few years on top of the one million already in this tiny country prone to bouts of massive emigration of her best sons and daughters. maybe these immigrants will be mad to build a 32 county republic here. thats a joke by the way. bad news sean bres - u can forget ur united ireland and u can forget fucking ireland too. u guys are all asleep at the wheel. we have been replaced by cheap migrant labour. a falling birthrate and they trying to bring in abortion now. some politicians and IBEC are asking us to embrace the idea of having a population of ten million by 2050. irish story is over. as i said, ur all asleep and bitching about stupid bloody posters.

  3. Grouch

    Bloody foreigners then.

    You didn't write speeches for Nigel Farage then?

  4. do the math, i mean u have a phd doctor gilheany, small island - small population, history of massive emigration, now we have another million immigrants coming (at least) on top of the one million already here. you dont need to have a phd to see whats coming. when ur kids are emigrating coz they cant get work you can tell them you lay down like a dog and didnt even whimper at this insanity, just made glib comments about ukip. speaking of kips, that is what ireland will be - a big fucking kip with loads of ghettoes.

    the lads below have been creating havoc in dublin for months, but the media are calling them a teenage gang. 100 of them went on the rampage in Lusk last month.

    is this you barry


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