Failing The People

Anthony Connor in a press release from Direct Democracy Ireland hits out at the state of the health service claiming claims that:

so-called new politics, is failing the people

Anthony Connor

Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland has this criticised the so-called new politics that some TD’s and ministers keep referring to.  He says: What we have is a Government in opposition and an opposition in Government and it is failing the people. Take the ever increasing crumbling health service, within in our Emergency Departments there are in excess of 250 people at any one time suffering the indignity of waiting on a hard trolley while they wait, more often than not, in vain for a bed on a ward. There is little or no dignity or privacy in our Emergency Departments. Many people face some of the last hours of their lives on these trolleys while waiting for a bed that may never come.

It’s heart-breaking, not just for the person waiting but also for their families and friends. It's also very distressing for the staff to have to witness an end of life in such an appalling manner. In many hospitals throughout the country, frontline management are at their wits end desperately trying to find nurses to work on short staffed wards. But there are no nurses to be had. Many have been forced to emigrate, unable to remain in Ireland due to dreadfully poor pay and conditions that see them work them to the bone. Understandably Morale is at an all-time low.

Currently there are thousands of people on waiting lists, awaiting vital surgery. Their lives are affected terribly as they await their procedure. Many times they find their procedure cancelled due to wards being short staffed. Many more die on those waiting lists and never receive their surgery at all.

Minister for Health Simon Harris and the current Government made up of a mishmash of politicians willing to settle for whatever it takes for self-ratification, have simply been ineffective in their approach in bringing an end to the trolley crisis and under the banner of new politics. There is no disapproval coming from the largest opposition party, Fianna Fail, in a dire situation that can only be described as party politics before people’s welfare. 

Incredibly in the four months since Simon Harris he has been appointed as Minister for Health, he has earned what a staff nurse would earn in a year! The staff nurse I believe would have worked much harder in those four months than the Minster Harris would work in a year.

Our mental health services are wholly inadequate. We hear stories of people who desperately require mental health services, being turned away. There's simply no room in the inn. We have all heard desperate stories of people taking their own lives as a result. Causing utter devastation for thousands of families and their friends as a direct result of lack of proper funding.

Astonishingly we now have to live with the fact the Health Service Executive is funding massive salaries of the CEO's of a number of charities.

Salaries that could employ hundreds of nurses.
Salaries that could open closed beds/wards.
Salaries that could provide 24hr care for anyone needing mental health services.
Salaries that could end the unacceptable nightmare of huge waiting lists for vital surgery.
Salaries that could go to help bring an end the enormous queues in our Emergency Departments. 

As for Simon Harris, our Minister for Health, the only news we have heard about him in weeks is that he is about to receive a substantial increase to his already enormous pay packet, as are most TD’s and Ministers, an increase for doing little or nothing while thousands suffer on! 

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    We at Direct Democracy Ireland believe that Direct Democracy provisions are a living Political and Social process of Governance of a Nation belonging to and giving the Sovereign Irish People the inalienable right of unfettered Political Accountability, Transparency with citizen deliberated decisions from their Elected Representatives / Politicians / Public Officials at Local, National and International Levels.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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